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Clinical Automation System

System that enables

  • Lifecycle management of volunteers
  • Ease of sample tracking through barcode system
  • Automated protocol generation based on scientific inputs
  • Holistic report generation leveraging integration with LabZen™
  • Electronic data capture

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Product Features

Volunteer's Life Cycle Tracking

Ensures volunteer's life cycle tracking with biometrics, along with simple tracking of sample movement with no data loss.


Facilitates collaboration of multiple users with controlled access and built-in workflows.

Digitized Approvals

Empowers a fully digitized authoring and approval structure for the entire document cycle.

Customizable Reports

Enables volunteer test reports with customizable formats.

Support Authoring

Supports authoring within the system, resulting in minimum errors.

Auto Generate Documents

Enables customizable predefined templates to auto generate documents in less time.

How ClinZen™ links with other ZenVector™ Products

  • ClinZen™ provides flexible integration with other systems within the ZenVector™ platform to ensure a smooth data flow
  • ClinZen™ integrates with DocuZen™ for efficient storage and retrieval of protocols
  • ClinZen™ integrates with EduZen™ to conduct seamless trainings for the workforce on the protocols

Product Differentiators


Pre-screening of volunteers & ID card generation with barcoding feature for tracking.


Easy export & attaching of documents.

Single Point Access

Easy to track information and single point access for entire data.

Regulated Checkpoints

No loss of data with fully regulated checkpoints.

Easy Drafting

Simple & easy drafting of clinical documents, saving time & ensuring quality.


Easily scalable system that is cost effective & increases accuracy.


As-is deployment in 1 to 3 months.

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