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Electronic Laboratory Note Book

  • Standardizes experimentation procedures
  • Integrates with EduZen™
  • Ensures reliability and reproducibility irrespective of geographies and laboratories
  • Automates workflows
  • Avoids manual errors

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Product Features

Flexible Sharing System

Offers a flexible sharing system to enable information sharing both internally and externally in real-time from any working station.

Paperless Workflow

Allows direct incorporation of data from instruments, replacing the practice of printing out data to be stapled into a paper notebook.


Provides fine-grained access controls, an intuitive and simple interface, and more data security than paper-based laboratory notebooks.

Reproducibility Experiments

Enables reproducibility by using templates to execute repetitive experiments and save time.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Ensures compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 with audit trails and tight access controls for inspection.

Capture Experiments

Allows users to capture experiments with various elements like text, tables, images, documents and excel files.

Customizable Reports

Facilitates usage of experimental content to generate reports and customize on need.

Easy to Search

Easy to search past relevant records to streamline the entire process workflow.

Track of Changes

Keeps track of changes made by each user during every session.

Customizable Workflows

Provides customizable approval workflows for experiments and projects.

Limitless Storage

Provides limitless storage of experiments and pages to capture log information.

Data Backups

Simplifies data copying and backup, and supports collaboration among users.

How NoteZen™ links with other ZenVector™ Products

  • NoteZen™ integrates with DocuZen™ and EduZen™ for a seamless user experience.
  • NoteZen™ can import protocols or SOPs directly from DocuZen™ and add/attach them to experiments.
  • Method development reports can be initiated from NoteZen™ and then seamlessly incorporated with DocuZen™ within the platform.
  • NoteZen™ integrates with EduZen™ to validate if the author has completed necessary trainings before using certain equipment or performing procedures.

Product Differentiators

Easy Collaboration

Easy Collaboration - with variable permission levels, chat, and notification features.

Chemical Drawing Software

Chemical drawing software – In-built interface to allow users to easily draw chemical molecules.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin – to simulate experiments virtually using machine learning techniques to reduce the number of experimentation trials performed.


Tools like Upload Images, chemical structures and files, Rich Text Editor etc.


Integration with DocuZen™, EduZen™ and LabZen™ applications.

Secure Environment

Secure environment for sensitive business critical information.


As-is deployment in 1 to 3 months.

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