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Agriculture industry is the most crucial industry for survival of human beings. With the increase in population, there is a need for this industry to grow their production. With ZenVector™, the industry can take care of the following challenges

  • Inaccessibility of Critical documents
  • Increased business expenses
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Building a robust Quality management system
  • Training needs of employees

Problems Faced

Quality Problems

  • Without a robust Quality management system, production results in highly varied outputs, thereby resulting in increased product recalls
  • Employees spend only 5-10% of their time reading the documents and 50% of their time looking for critical documents. Out of all the documents, 7.5% are lost and 3% get misfiled. A lot of money is spent on printing of documents and for buying storage space
  • 16 Warning letters have been issued to the agriculture industry in the past 4 years. An increase in the warning letters results in increased approval timelines, as well as loss of reputation

Manufacturing Problems

There is a shortage of skills and workforce. So, for the limited workforce, training is necessary to improve the skills to continuously work on product innovation

R&D Problems

R&D captures experiment data in hardcopy note books, which makes it difficult to search for and archive information. It also increases dependency on individuals to conduct the experiment

How A.i.zen Algo Pvt. Ltd. can Help

Quality Management System for Agriculture R&D Labs

QualZen™ enables agriculture industry users to manage all the quality events on a digital platform, including initiation and managing the workflows. Its intuitive workflow allows users of agriculture companies to investigate the quality event and enable review by peers. Notifications can be sent to the individuals to escalate the tasks. The dynamic dashboards empower the management to visualize the ongoing, pending and completed quality events.

Document Management System for Agriculture R&D Labs

DocuZen™ enables the authors in the agriculture industry to create the document, engage with other authors across the globe, and then put the document through global peer review workflow. The document can be made available to all users once is it peer-approved. The documents are easily searchable through keywords.

Audit Management System for Agriculture R&D Labs

AuditZen™ effectively manages all the warning letters information (Observations & Responses) of the clients in the agriculture industry. There is a complete audit trail of each step, keeping the organization 100% audit ready. During internal audits auditors can focus on the existing observations to avoid the repetition of same ones.

Learning Management System for Agriculture R&D Labs

EduZen™ provides training to employees of the agriculture industry on company specific documents. Only those who qualify are assigned tasks, resulting in quality production for the agriculture companies. It enables deadline notifications and search feature to find qualified employees. Reports can be generated using keywords, and real-time dashboards enable the management to perform a complete analysis of their workforce.

eLab Notebook for Agriculture R&D Labs

NoteZen™ enable agriculture industry users to easily search the experiments by giving keywords and download the reports if required. In NoteZen™, experiments are structurally arranged in folders & the users can even collaborate with others globally.

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