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Global market size of testing laboratories in 2020 was estimated at $ 82.1 Bn and is expected to reach $124.2 Bn by 2027 with CAGR of 6.1%.

ZenVector™ assists in the following critical areas

  • Efficient sample management
  • Reports and digitalization
  • Dossier preparation
  • Training of staff
  • Change management
  • Equipment maintenance

Problems Faced

Quality Problems

  • Manual preparation of documents is time-intensive and requires cross-functional collaboration. It takes 4 hours to prepare a batch record and 16 hours to prepare a production record. Manual processes may result in loss of documents, wrong filing and mislabelling. Storage and protection of manual documents is expensive. Version tracking and regulatory compliance is challenging in a manual document management system.
  • Analytical laboratories undergo audits from regulatory authorities as well as clients. They need to be 100% compliant with the prevalent regulations. Observations are raised in cases of non-compliance. If any observation is repeated in 2 or more audits it will affect the company reputation.

Manufacturing Problems

Organizations need to train employees on safety precautions and emergency measures, preparing chemical solutions, calculating concentrations of solutions, making correct dilutions, good cleaning procedures, and basic equipment knowledge. It is difficult to train each and every employee with manual classroom orientation. With the traditional paper-based approach it is difficult to track the training status, escalate the tasks, and conduct employee performance evaluations.

R&D Problems

Without digitalization, maintaining complex workflows and sample tracking in workflow is difficult. Managing the complex data by using manual analyses methods can sometimes lead to errors. The equipment in analytical laboratory is most likely the single largest purchase the management makes, and its vital to conduct processes. Tracking of equipment maintenance schedules and keeping all equipment calibrated is complicated. Ensuring timely communication between all stakeholders of an experiment is challenging.

How A.i.zen Algo Pvt. Ltd. can Help

Document Management System for Analytical Labs

DocuZen™ enables the authors in the analytical labs industry to create the document, engage with other authors across the globe, and then put the document through global peer review workflow. The document can be made available to all users once is it peer-approved. DocuZen™ provides complete version control. Industry requires biannual review of documents, and the system sends notifications for due reviews. Time taken to produce a batch record can be reduced to 2 hours and production record to 6 hours. End-to-end document trail makes the organizations 100% audit ready.

Audit Management System for Analytical Labs

AuditZen™ effectively manages all the warning letters information (Observations & Responses) of the clients in the analytical labs industry. There is a complete audit trail of each step, keeping the organization 100% audit ready. During internal audits auditors can focus on the existing observations to avoid the repetition of same ones.

Training Management System for Analytical Labs

EduZen™ provides training to employees of the analytical labs industry on company specific documents. Only those who qualify are assigned tasks, resulting in quality production from the analytical labs. It enables deadline notifications and search feature to find qualified employees. Reports can be generated using keywords, and real-time dashboards enable the management to perform a complete analysis of their workforce.

Laboratory Information Management System for Analytical Labs

LabZen™ effectively manages laboratory sample workflows of the analytical labs. It enables workflow automation and automatic rejection of tests if values do not fall in specified ranges. With this, users of the analytical labs can track the entire lifecycle of sample from reception to allocation in different tests and consequent results. With the dynamic dashboards, management can know the status of laboratory information in real-time. Using proper inventory management, the tests can be effectively planned. LabZen™ can control which SOPs are carried out during sample testing, thereby avoiding preventable errors.

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