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Digitize Your COA

COA (Certificate of Analysis) produced by vendors is a critical document for any raw material or excipient that enters into a Quality Control or a Manufacturing unit, at any Life Sciences organization. Vendors submit COAs in paper format or share them as PDF files. All the metrics that they carry continue to remain in the same format.

Current Approach

Paper-based/PDF COAs are submitted by vendors. Someone needs to manually check whether the target parameters are within defined limits.


This exercise is cumbersome, prone to errors and affects the QC results, and by extension, the quality of the end product.

What’s The Future?

Digitizing such Vendor COA documents, storing all metrics on a real time basis in a Database and comparing it with historical metrics that are already residing there can lift the productivity narrative of a typical QC unit. Not mere comparison, this also allows users to perform detailed trend analysis of various parameters to render analytical support during Root Cause analysis.

AiZen Algo Proposed Solution

One of our offerings is developing custom software to digitize vendor COAs (Certificates of Analysis). We use proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to digitize COAs. Different formats from various vendors can be processed in near real time.


You can minimize errors and improve the productivity of your existing teams, thereby lifting the efficiency of the entire QC/manufacturing unit.

Planning to Digitize? Get in touch with us!