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With the increasing population there is a need to grow food and beverages industry to serve each plate.81% of companies are investing in R&D to produce innovative products.

With ZenVector™, the industry can take care of the following challenges

  • Meeting regulations
  • Managing Quality & compliance
  • Creating a Dynamic and fully trained workforce
  • Managing rising labour costs
  • Ensuring supply chain visibility

Problems Faced

Quality Problems

  • With the increasing evolution of regulations by FSMA, Food and beverage industry needs to implement CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Actions) to achieve compliance. This can’t happen without robust methodologies
  • Sharing documents to different departments within the organization is extremely complicated, and it becomes even more complex if the company has global sites
  • 42 Warning letters have been issued to the industry in the past 3 years. An increase in the warning letters results in increased approval timelines, as well as loss of reputation

Manufacturing Problems

Human error in food manufacturing is a public issue, as contamination leads to sick public. It is important to train the workforce with current regulations. With a manual system, any analysis is possible only through spreadsheets. It becomes difficult to analyse data and take actions on the same.

R&D Problems

In the laboratory, it is necessary to maintain consistency in the processes, which is an extremely complicated task. The industry demands that when reproducing the same process, there should be consistency in the results. Without proper processes, and checks and balances in place, this can’t be done.

How A.i.zen Algo Pvt. Ltd. can Help

Quality Management System for F&B Industry

QualZen™ enables users in the F&B industry to manage all the quality events on a digital platform, including initiation and managing the workflows. Its intuitive workflow allows F&B companies users to investigate the quality event and enable review by peers. Notifications can be sent to the individuals to escalate the tasks. The dynamic dashboards empower the management to visualize the ongoing, pending and completed quality events.

Document Management System for F&B Industry

DocuZen™ enables the authors in the F&B industry to create the document, engage with other authors across the globe, and then put the document through global peer review workflow. The document can be made available to all users once is it peer-approved. The documents are easily searchable through keywords.

Audit Management System for F&B Industry

AuditZen™ helps to store all the Warning letters of the F&B companies in one place, thereby making it a repository of audit information. It enables the F&B industry players to store all key external and internal inputs of audit cycle and allows companies to improve their audit readiness.

Learning Management System for F&B Industry

EduZen™ provides training to employees of the F&B industry on company specific documents. Only those who qualify are assigned tasks, resulting in quality production for the F&B companies. Real-time dashboards enable the management to perform a complete analysis of their workforce, and can even allot qualified employees an overtime or can enrol temporary workforce if required.

Laboratory Information Management System for F&B Industry

LabZen™ enables F&B companies to easily track the raw materials and samples used in batch execution, and results can be effectively managed against specifications, along with automated approval. All the tests performed on the batch at every stage can be managed, providing a complete end to end Laboratory Workflow management.

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Audit Management System

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LabZen™(Coming Soon)

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