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Laboratory Information Management System

LIMS is a system that enables

  • Integration with various instruments and equipments to improve laboratory efficiency
  • Sample testing
  • Sample tracking
  • Automated data analysis
  • Trend identification
  • Predicting and/or preventing untoward incidents caused by human errors
  • ML enabled preliminary investigations
  • Superior workflow management

Check out our LabZen™ LIMS Platform

Product Features

Sample Management

End to end Sample Management for all sample types.


Best-in-class Compliance with CFR 21 Part 11 and GLP requirements.


Integrations with various instruments, equipment, and other Quality Systems.

Modern Laboratory

Delivering a Modern Laboratory.


Significantly improved resource effectiveness.

Analytics & Insights

Wide array of Analytics & Insights.

How LabZen™ links with other ZenVector™ Products

  • AiZen Algo LIMS can integrate with QualZen™ to assign and oversee CAPAs (Corrective & Preventive actions) assigned to various enterprise-wide stakeholders.
  • Incidence of OOS and OOT and their investigation related metrics get reflected on the QualZen™ dashboards to provide an enterprise-wide quality and compliance view to QA teams.
  • LIMS integrated with with DocuZen™ DMS to fetch documents related to Instrument SOPs, Protocols, Methods and other reference material essential to execute Quality Control and Stability related tests.
  • EduZen™ provides Analyst qualification related metrics to LabZen™ to do fit-for-purpose task and work flow assignments to Lab Analysts.
  • LabZen™ can be integrated with NoteZen™ for seamless method imports.

End to end Sample Management for all sample types

  • AiZen Algo LIMS ensures management all types of samples – Bio Samples, Raw Materials, Chemicals, Finished Drugs, Reference & Working Standards, Solutions, Stability etc
  • Our laboratory information management system provides a robust Chain of Custody – Assignment of roles and privileges, access to specific data and insights including audit trails, complete trail of sample life cycle
  • LabZen™ LIMS enables record keeping by automating recording of inventory of all supplies, laboratory equipment etc.
  • LIMS empowers configurability - Dynamic configuration of review and approval workflows, audit trails etc.

Best-in-class Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and GLP requirements

  • Our LIMS covers all key regulations and follows global regulatory standards regardless of the geography – FDA, MHRA, TGA, Health Canada, Anvisa, CDSCO, MCAZ etc
  • AiZen Algo laboratory information management system ensures compliance through access to complete range of audit trails, electronic signatures etc
  • LabZen™ LIMS guarantees Quality Assurance by monitoring and controlling sample quality, enhancing data integrity, safeguarding workflows due to complete paperless transformation
  • LIMS manages quality events and allows for a structured investigation and closure on all types of Out of Specification (OOS) and Out of Trend (OOT) test results

Wide Array of Integrations

  • Integrations with equipment – LIMS ensures integration with all types of measuring balances, SDMS, CDS etc
  • Integrations with other Quality Systems (see side bar) – Our Laboratory Information Management System integrates with Document Management System, Training Management System, Quality Management System, Electronic Lab Notebook, ERP etc.
  • Calibration and Maintenance – LIMS schedules control and maintenance of all laboratory instruments and allows life cycle management from onboarding to offboarding

Real time Analytics & Insights

  • Reports and Dashboards - create and schedule Interactive and Informative reports subject to user roles and access privileges in a specific format. Schedule and distribute reports and insights
  • Allows data and content mining – search for data, methods, SOPs, Documents, Worksheets, Metadata and improve your research insights

Improved Resource Effectiveness

  • Our LIMS enables performance monitoring - organize tasks and schedules, assignment of workloads, employee training and productivity information
  • LabZen™ laboratory information management system provides dynamic worksheets through inbuilt text editors and test creation templates which enhance productivity
  • LIMS gives smart alerts and notifications on the application, email and SMS etc. to allow a better handle on Turn Around Times, minimizing escalations and improving Digital adoption

Modernizing the Laboratory

  • Manage all external communication - handle all transactions and communication from clients, contract testing labs, vendors, and other business associates
  • Manage all Documents - process and convert documents to certain formats; manage how documents including methods, SOPs, Protocols, Worksheets are distributed and accessed
  • Enable Hybrid Data entire models with LabZen™ LIMS- fast and reliable web or mobile interfaces for data entry through Human or an API integration
  • Connected Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELNB) – access and import methods for QC testing directly from NoteZen™, a smart Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELNB)
  • Richer collaboration - enabling the global multi-site functionality and between users from other systems (QMS, DMS etc.) or departments (Warehouse, QA etc.)
  • Risk Reduction – Qualified analysts will be recommended for a sample allotment, test protocol execution or for handling and instrument based on their performance records accessible from EduZen™, a smart Training Management System (TMS)
  • Integrate your invoicing and sales software to benefit from an integrated structure to bill your clients directly, track sales activity besides settling payments with your vendors

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