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Quality Management System

AI enabled digital quality platform. Platform that

  • Reduces compliance risks
  • Manages missing due dates and follow-ups for quality incidents
  • Facilitates cross-functional team coordination
  • Records and manages event trends
  • Optimizes lack of control
  • Provides AI/ML enabled workforce accountability
  • Monitors quality of product through its entire lifecycle
  • Delivers excellence in quality in every organizational activity

Check out our QualZen™ Platform

Product Features

Quality Event Management

Manages all quality related events, like: Change controls, Incidents, CAPAs, Market complaints, and OOS/OOT.

Workflow Management

Facilitates end-to-end quality event workflow management and ensures that complete audit-trail is maintained.

Dynamic Dashboards

Provides dynamic dashboards for the management to visualize the ongoing, pending and completed quality events.

Faster Decision Making

Drives faster decision making and shorter time-to-market.

GMP Adherence

Eliminates inefficient manual systems and ensures adherence to the prevailing c-GMP.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Ensures compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Automatic Notifications

Sends automatic notifications to marked individuals sends escalations in case of approaching due dates.

Team Collaboration

Enables collaboration between cross-functional teams, including external stakeholders.

How QualZen™ links with other ZenVector™ Products

  • QualZen™ integrates with DocuZen™ and EduZen™ to manage quality events seamlessly
  • If any change is implemented in SOP through a quality related event in QualZen™, the same will directly get linked with the EduZen™ module within the ZenVector™ platform, so that training can be provided to the workforce on the revised SOP
  • QualZen™ links with DocuZen™ to have all the quality events have the relevant SOP or document numbers mentioned within their records
  • If any quality event within QualZen™ requires a change to made to a document, the same gets automatically linked to DocuZen™ and the change can be implemented without ever getting out of the platform

Product Differentiators


NLP and AI/ML capabilities map the previous quality events to provide recommendations on assessing the Change Control, Incidents and related Quality Events.


Inherently scalable with potential to manage audit and regulatory workflows.


Integration with DocuZen™, EduZen™ and AuditZen™ applications.

High ROI

Intuitive workflow makes it easier to adapt, delivering a higher ROI.


As-is deployment in 1 to 3 months.

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