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We Are Who We Are!

Who are we today?

A.i.zen Algo is a SAAS based product & analytics company.

  • Regulated industries focus
  • 150+ years of collective Life Sciences, Technology and AI experience
  • Collaboration with distinguished academic institutions

Where do we want to go?

Trailblazing digitalization product for life sciences and other regulated industries.

  • Reduce variability in the R&D to Commercialization value chain
  • Bring Hyperautomation 5.0 to the doorstep of every regulated industry
  • Accelerate product to market with hyper productivity

Why Life Sciences 5.0 and not 4.0?

Life Sciences 4.0 focuses on adopting digital strategies for manufacturing automation.

  • 5.0 leverages the integrated, interactive ZenVector™ platform
  • Process driven by co-bots, digital twin, AI and robotics
  • ZenVector™ transforms the 4M narrative, creating quality wealth


To integrate Man, Machine, Method and Material in pursuit of excellence in compliance and productivity.


ZenVector™ enabled organizations providing high quality products to consumers at an affordable cost in the shortest time possible.


Relentless pursuit and creation of tangible value for customers.




Customer Centricity

Our Team

  • Leadership
  • Advisory Board
  • Chandra Dasika


    Chandra Dasika


    IIT, IIM graduate with 17+ years of experience in delivering best-in-class Digitalization solutions to healthcare.

    Led large Technology & AI led Change programs successfully for global corporates over several years.

    Currently Heading Technology & Operations at A.i.zen Algo.

    Krishna Chaitanya

    Chief Sales Officer

    Krishna Chaitanya

    Chief Sales Officer

    IIT, IIM graduate with 17+ years of experience driving profitable sales across online and offline industries

    Successfully Involved in scaling up sales of new products across both start-ups and large firms in B2C and B2B verticals

    Currently heading global Sales and Marketing at A.i.zen Algo.

    Venkatesh Natarajan

    VP Engineering

    Venkatesh Natarajan

    VP Engineering

    VIT, HCU and ISB graduate with Masters in Artificial Intelligence.

    20+ years of technology leadership experience in IT product development and business analytics implementation.

    Previously held leadership positions in Oracle, GE and has co-founded an IT company.

    Currently heading technology and R&D at A.i.zen Algo

  • Coki Cruz

    Advisory Board

    Coki Cruz

    Advisory Board

    Celebrated Regulatory Professional from US FDA.

    Exec. Board Member.

    Over 35 years of combined FDA and pharmaceutical industry expertise.

    Specialized knowledge in agency’s programs, CGMP, guidelines and policy related to the manufacture of pharmaceutical products to develop quality.

    Fadi Nassar

    Strategic Advisor

    Fadi Nassar

    Strategic Advisor

    Senior business leader with 30 years of proven experience in Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

    Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers, UK.

    A major contributor to the growth of various reputed pharma companies across the globe in EU, USA and MENA, China and India.