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We Are Who We Are!

Who are we today?

A.i.zen Algo is a SAAS based product & analytics company.

  • Regulated industries focus
  • 150+ years of collective Life Sciences, Technology and AI experience
  • Collaboration with distinguished academic institutions

Where do we want to go?

Trailblazing digitalization product for life sciences and other regulated industries.

  • Reduce variability in the R&D to Commercialization value chain
  • Bring Hyperautomation 5.0 to the doorstep of every regulated industry
  • Accelerate product to market with hyper productivity

Why Life Sciences 5.0 and not 4.0?

Life Sciences 4.0 focuses on adopting digital strategies for manufacturing automation.

  • 5.0 leverages the integrated, interactive ZenVector™ platform
  • Process driven by co-bots, digital twin, AI and robotics
  • ZenVector™ transforms the 4M narrative, creating quality wealth


To integrate Man, Machine, Method and Material in pursuit of excellence in compliance and productivity.


ZenVector™ enabled organizations providing high quality products to consumers at an affordable cost in the shortest time possible.


Relentless pursuit and creation of tangible value for customers.




Customer Centricity